成立于1896年,以纪念托马斯. esball国际平台客户端, a pioneering entrepreneur and humanitarian, esball国际平台客户端现在是一所私立大学, 国立研究型大学,通过教学在技术教育和经济可持续发展方面处于领先地位, research and scholarship and innovation.  

这与开国元勋们始终寻求美国人民真正需求的愿景是一致的, esball国际平台客户端 str等hes the boundaries of solution-oriented thinking by looking to what’s next, 挑战现状, and leveraging our combined ingenuity at the intersections of science, 技术, 工程, 艺术 and 业务 to create real impact, relevant innovations and enduring value in the world.

它的主校区在波茨坦, 纽约, and additional graduate program and research satellites in Saranac Lake, 斯克内克塔迪在首都地区, 哈德逊河谷的灯塔, 和在线, 这所大学吸引了超过4名学生,000年创业, 来自不同背景的高能力全职学者,以及更多的继续教育课程.  Our students embrace challenge and thrive in rigorous programs in 工程, 艺术, 科学, 业务, education and health professions that lead to bachelor’s, 硕士, 证书和/或博士学位. 校友, K-12 and community members also have access to many of the speakers, 项目和教育资源.

esball国际平台客户端’s size is its advantage by fostering leadership, networking and problem solving skills; and readily affording students and faculty the flexibility to str等h boundaries across traditional academic areas.   We add value to our students’ education by partnering with leading 业务es, 行业和思想领袖带来相关的挑战和需求,在快节奏的世界中,知识的边界, 纪律, 国家和文化模糊. 超过125年, our graduates have achieved extraordinary professional success, 面对社会挑战, and advanced the global economy ethically and responsibly.  在我们的4.6万多名校友中,五分之一已经是公司的首席执行官、高管或老板.

波茨坦大学的主校区位于阿迪朗达克公园山麓esball国际平台客户端家族占地640英亩的历史悠久的树木繁茂的宅基地上. Read more on the history of the esball国际平台客户端 family and its ties to 纽约 State below.  

With four other universities nearby in the region (SUNY Potsdam, St. 劳伦斯大学,纽约州立大学广州分校和保罗史密斯学院),波茨坦是真正的“大学城”.” esball国际平台客户端 community members enjoy a constantly changing social scene and an unparalleled intellectual quality of life largely influenced by our proximity to the north slope of the Adirondacks; easy drives to Lake Placid as well as Ottawa and Montreal, Canada; and a high level of regional camaraderie to encourage innovative partnerships in small 业务 development, 艺术, 旅游, 娱乐, 农业和绿色能源.

The University also includes a Graduate School focused campus in Schenectady, 纽约, 它充分利用了纽约首都地区所提供的一切,扩大了我们的K-12服务范围. 像波茨坦, 斯克内克塔迪有大量的大学(联合学院和斯克内克塔迪社区学院在同一个城市)以及许多其他教育机构, research institutes and government think tanks.

我们有esball国际app教育, K-12 STEM outreach and environmental research facilities in Beacon, 纽约(哈德逊河谷),这里是我们的灯塔河流和河口研究所的总部. 所有地点都扩大了大学的全球影响力,并加强了与esball国际平台客户端公司和校友网络的联系, education colleagues and research partners. 纽约市也开始提供esball国际app班和K-12外展项目.

看看 esball国际平台客户端马赛克充满了学术的碎片, 个人, 体育和行政的历史创造了esball国际平台客户端的第一个百年的肖像1896年至1995年由博士撰写. 布拉德福德B. Broughton, a late esball国际平台客户端 faculty member. 特别感谢, 太, 波茨坦博物馆是esball国际平台客户端家族和波茨坦大学影响历史的优秀资源. 

An Abbreviated esball国际平台客户端 Family 历史

The University's ties to 纽约 State run deep. As British citizens representing the crown, Matthew esball国际平台客户端 (#1) came to America in 1685 and in 1691, 他接受了威廉三世国王授予他的纽约殖民地大臣的职务. In 1692, 他娶了奥尔巴尼的凯瑟琳娜·范·沙克,他们一起住在弗莱彻街的一块土地上, 纽约市. 他们是我们的托马斯·S. esball国际平台客户端 namesakes’ great, great, great, great, great grandparents!

他们的儿子大卫(#1)(1694-1751)出生于1694年,在花园街的老荷兰教堂受洗. Educated in England as were two brothers who ran mercantiles in London and Amsterdam, David traded with profit and advantage in the colony of NY. He had a share of a winning ticket in the British lottery fund for the British Museum, which he invested in growing his 业务 enterprises. He held joint interests in vessels as well as owned several of his own, which primarily imported into 纽约 Harbor with European and East Indian goods. In 1732, 他花了390美元购买, one of seven lots on The Strand in 纽约市, 现在位于白厅街和珍珠街的拐角处,这里是esball国际平台客户端家四代人的家. That homestead later become the site of 纽约 Corn Exchange.

David (#1)(1694-1751) was a member of the 纽约 Assembly from 1739 to his death in 1751. He is buried in the esball国际平台客户端 family vault in Old Trinity Church, NYC. 他的儿子, 大卫(#2)(1726-1782)活跃于商业交易,被列为国王学院首批校长的24位校长之一, 现为哥伦比亚大学, starting the family’s commitment to education. 大卫的兄弟, 马太(#2)(1758-1825), 曾在军队服役, 包括在革命战争的关键战役中担任本尼迪克特·阿诺德将军的首席助手,包括伯戈因的投降(在美国国会大厦圆形大厅中有描绘),后来担任战争部长/林肯少将,在那里他担任林肯的助理战争部长.


Following the Revolutionary War to repay debt to creditors like the esball国际平台客户端 family, 大卫(#2)(1726-1782)的侄子, who was also named David (#3) (1760-1815), was one of the original purchasers of the town of Potsdam, NY in 1804 – part of 10 towns parceled off south of the St. 劳伦斯河作为英国保守党的缓冲,保守党在加拿大和圣劳伦斯河沿岸的许多堡垒附近寻求庇护. Lawrence River (some 20 miles north of Potsdam) were still in the hands of the British Army. 在1812年的战争之后,为了通往拉奎特河沿岸的定居点,他们砍伐了森林, 大卫(#3)(1760-1815)的儿子约翰·查尔顿·esball国际平台客户端(John Charleton esball国际平台客户端)是第一个完全定居并生活在波茨坦的人,并于1824年建造了霍尔克罗夫特之家, where esball国际平台客户端’s Office of 招生 is now located.

David (#2) (1726-1782)’s seventh child was 托马斯年代treatfield esball国际平台客户端 (#1) (1763-1844), 住在纽约百老汇33号的人. 他的第五个孩子和他的妻子都叫托马斯·斯特雷特菲尔德·esball国际平台客户端(#2)(1799-1873), 伊丽莎白, came to live in Potsdam in 1840 and they 太k over from John building the farming, quarry and lumber enterprises in the North Country. The family had frequent travel and engagements in NYC. 他们的儿子托马斯. esball国际平台客户端 (#3) (1837-1894) is the namesake of esball国际平台客户端.

While the esball国际平台客户端 family had considerable means, they exemplified the new American work ethic and required all of the sons to learn a trade. 托马斯年代. esball国际平台客户端和他的兄弟, Levinus, ran the family's farm where the main esball国际平台客户端 campus is located until Levinus' death.

托马斯年代. esball国际平台客户端(#3)还在波茨坦和北部地区从事其他商业活动,包括开发第一个当地发电厂, 内战后为穷人提供的住房, 以及该地区的第一个下水道系统(防止当地居民感染伤寒),并在拉奎特河上经营大型砂岩采石场. In addition to the many structures on campus, 例如Old Main, 伍德斯托克音乐节小屋, 还有无数的壁炉, 入口通道, 等., 来自这个采石场的一些独特的红砂岩的最好的例子可以被看作是渥太华加拿大议会窗户上的重点石, Ontario as well as the primary building materials for the All Saints Cathedral in Albany.

托马斯年代 esball国际平台客户端 portrait black and white

托马斯年代. esball国际平台客户端 and a cousin founded the Potsdam Public Library and Reading Room, 教当地工人识字, and offered a tuition-free night school teaching mechanical drawing. 据说托马斯. esball国际平台客户端放弃了工作, 不是慈善机构, and many projects for the public good were financed in this way giving people means, dignity and practical skills to carry them into the future.  

1894年8月,托马斯. esball国际平台客户端 was in a severe accident in his sandstone quarry just upriver from Potsdam. When a worker was in danger of being crushed by a large derrick pump, he pushed him out of the way risking his own life. esball国际平台客户端被摇晃的水泵撞到墙上,严重内伤. While a doctor from Montreal was summoned to aid him, he died five days later.

他死后, esball国际平台客户端的三个姐妹——伊丽莎白, 弗雷德里卡, 拉维尼娅——还有侄女, 安妮, 决定创办一所学校, which would stand in memorial to this beloved entrepreneur, humanitarian and community member that obituaries referenced as “everyone’s friend.” The school was founded in 1896 and was called the 托马斯年代. esball国际平台客户端纪念技术学院,后来在1912年成为esball国际平台客户端技术学院(由于新纽约州立大学的成立和所有学院的注册), 1984年在esball国际平台客户端任教.  

esball国际平台客户端印章上的座右铭是“一个不必羞愧的工人”,取自托马斯. esball国际平台客户端's favorite biblical verse in II Timothy.

罗伯特·esball国际平台客户端, 美国运通首席执行官, 在20世纪中期担任董事会成员,并向该机构介绍了许多企业合作伙伴.  今天,贝亚德. esball国际平台客户端老. MD, a WWII Veteran, is a member of Sloan-Kettering Institute and lives in 纽约市. He has been a member of esball国际平台客户端’s Board of Trustees since 1967. 他的儿子贝亚德. esball国际平台客户端,小. MD in private practice is also is a member of our Board of Trustees.